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I offer a free 15 minute initial assessment via the telephone. During the initial phone call we will discuss your goals and what you are hoping for. In this time, you can ask me any questions and concerns you may be having and we will decide from there whether you are happy to proceed further.


If you choose to proceed, I will arrange for us to have a face to face assessment or via online. The assessment will be approximately 50 minutes and I do charge a fee for this assessment. In this assessment, I will get to know more about you and ask you a few personal questions. 

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If we decide to work together, I will ask you to sign a working agreement that will confirm when are sessions take place. 


Payments must be made via bank transfer prior to the session 48 hours prior the session to secure to room booking. I kindly request to give at least 48 hours notice for any cancellations, otherwise you may be charged for the full payment.

I charge £55 per session, but offer concession rates for those with a low income. If interested in this please ask for more details.

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